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Thank you for making it this far, the Lord Bless you. My name is Enia Sitole, and you must have figured by now that I am an emerging artist. I am a Mastercard Foundation Scholar which means that I am one of many talented youth from the African continent who was given a chance to pursue postsecondary education in spite of absolute poverty.


I grew up moving around multiple times due to life circumstances between the village and the city in Maputo, Mozambique and before I moved to Canada by myself at age 18. I have always enjoyed drawing. Everything. From landscapes to my grandpa sitting on the sofa. Moving to North America has enabled me to discover a new dimension of what it means to be African, and a speaker of English as a Second Language and I couldn't be more proud of it.

Here on my website I showcase some of my work, but my goal is to use my art and colour to move the hearts of people.  Ultimately I aspire to develop a Non-Profit organization to empower young women and children from rural areas Mozambique out of poverty through training and education.

I am also a singer and songwriter, and I can talk for hours about humanitarian projects and my experiences as a young woman who had her life changed through education and the power of the saying "it takes a village to raise a child."

Holler at me if you want to chat more. 


On June 2019, I visited my grandparents, and found that the art I first made as a 6 year old (picture on the right) was still holding on. I am forever grateful to my grandfather for being my greatest supporter and inspiration, and one day I hope to give back to him and his home village.

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